Gift Cards for a Cause

Gift Cards For a Cause allows you to donate to your favorite non-profit organization on an on-going basis, with virtually no out-of-pocket expense. Use the gift cards that you purchase from to make purchases that you would otherwise be paying for with cash or credit cards, such as groceries, dining out, etc.

The only difference is…You are also making a donation!!

How it works

  • Choose the gift cards you would like to purchase.
  • Choose the Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House as the organization you would like your donation to go to.
  • Your order will be shipped directly to you within 48 hours (for in-stock items).
  • Gift Cards For a Cause will make a donation to Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House.

You buy the gift cards and Gift Cards for a Cause makes the donation!
It’s that simple!

If an average family of four spends $800 per month on groceries, gasoline, clothing and household items, and another $140 on dining out and entertainment, you could be donating approximately $375 per year to your favoritie organization just by continuing to do what you’re already doing. Add in hotels stays for vacations, gifts and special occassions, and you could be donating well over $500 per year. Now suppose everyone in your school, neighborhood, church, or other organization did the same? These families could easily raise as much as $25,000 – $60,000 per year for your cause.

Average amount a family will spend monthly
Groceries $400
Gasoline $200
Dining Out $100
Clothing $100
Entertainment / Video Rentals $40
Home Repair / Improvements $100
Total Average Monthly Expenses $940
Estimate Annual Donation $375
With 100 Participating Familes $37,500


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